Meals for People with Heart Disease

Now more and more people who suffer from heart disease. Unfortunately, statistics are not comforting. People with this disorder are more and more.

But be that as it was not, you can not give up. Let’s learn how to eat for people with these diseases. This is due to the fact that scientists from Australia believe that the cause of the pathologies associated with improper and inappropriate diets.

1. Salt. From salt is necessary to refuse or reduce consumption to a minimum. Salt promotes fluid retention.
2. Animal fats. From the use of animal fats are best abandoned. This is due to the fact that these products contribute to increase the “bad” cholesterol. This leads to vascular occlusion. Because of this, and then suffers heart.
3. Liquid. As regards the use of water or tea, then it should be minimized. On the day you need to drink about 500 ml of fluid. Tea is best to drink herbal (without sugar).

To the heart was healthy always eat more seafood, vegetables, fruits and olive oil.

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