Meals in the summer

Probably, there are no people who do not like summer or warm season.

Especially it is loved by female representatives, children and the younger generation who are just waiting for this season to go to the beach and sunbathe there under a clear sun. Summer always beckons people to visit the sea, as one can relax and not think at all about any work.

You can have a temporary holiday romance to forget all the working days, but simply enjoy romantic relationships on the beach, night discos, and making love in the open air on the sand. Naturally, to get all this for women, it is important to have a magnificent body and a beautiful appearance. Yes, you can get a sexy figure if you constantly work in the gym. But here’s a beautiful skin, a wonderful freshness of the face – it’s hard to have just because of the sport. To do this, you also need to eat right.

And it is the summer period of time that allows it to be done without special difficulties, since the warm season gives people a lot of goodies and utilities available for everyone.

Beautiful figure in the summer – it’s easy

The summer period of time allows people to recover due to a good time to begin hardening, to visit water procedures and sunbathing. At the same time of the year, the change of your usual diet is also very good. You can abandon the usual pasta and go to dishes consisting of vegetables, fruits and fish. The most simple and delicious summer dish is a vegetable stew, for the preparation of which you do not need a lot of ingredients. Young potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, aubergines, garlic, onion, salt and pepper to taste and greens. For cooking, it takes a little over 40 minutes in the multivark.

But the benefits from it are very large, while the body will not get any extra calories at all.

If a person, for example, a man, leads an active lifestyle, and it is very important for him to have an increased diet of protein, such a dish can also be allowed by meat of birds, for example, chicken fillet, or mushrooms, where there is also a lot of protein. Summer time of the year, especially after the ripening of fruits of berries, and then apples, allows a person to prepare very useful juices for himself. Recently, more and more people have been using such a drink or dish as smoothies, where a variety of fruits of strawberries, blueberries, strawberries are mixed, and apples can also be in a very rare puree, without detaching the pulp. But the pulp itself is almost not heard. It turns out such a rare puree, which perfectly quenches thirst, and helps to feel in your stomach nutrients that relieve a person of an extra portion of food.

Summer is a source of very valuable vitamins, which nature itself gives. Using a significant amount of fruit in the morning, you can feel the good mood, the lightness of the body and energy for the whole long day. Do not worry that fruits contain a lot of sucrose or fructose, that it will only go to the detriment and excess on the hips or abdomen.

If you are in a resort, water, where you have to swim, evening discos, which will be incendiary dances – all this contributes to the rapid consumption of fructose from the body and can not be deposited in the human body.

In the summer, a person also has the opportunity to gain muscle mass of the body, however strange it may sound. And you do not need to drink gallons of beer or eat packets of sour cream. It is enough to consume about one kilogram per day of watermelon. Watermelon is very rich in water. In this case, this berry contains natural substances that contribute to the increase in muscle mass of the body. Often, this berry is called a “natural steroid.” You also need to remember about the melons that will help to cleanse the body of toxins, toxins and get rid of excess fat, if you try to hold out on a melon diet for 3 to 7 days.

Beautiful time of the year

Summer is a wonderful time of the year, which gives people the joy of warm and healthy food. Every year, when this opportunity falls, you must use it to enjoy life and not to deteriorate your health.

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