Meals in Winter

I must say that in cold weather, a person needs to eat well. This is due to the fact that in the winter time a person spends more energy. In addition, more than once been said that a balanced diet – is the key to good health.

So, what should be the diet in the winter?

1. Fat. In winter, the body needs 30 grams of animal fat and 20 grams – vegetable. To do this, eat bacon, butter and olive oil.
2. Proteins. If the body contains a normal amount of protein, then it is easier to fight viruses and infections. Include in the diet of meat and fish. This product – the leaders on the content of protein.
3. Carbohydrates. From carbohydrates should not refuse. Porridge should be eating every day.
4. Vegetables and fruits. More often eat vegetables and fruits. Do not be afraid to use frozen berries and fruits. They contain in their composition a sufficient amount of nutrients.
5. Water. Do not forget to use sufficient liquid. Drink water on health.

If you eat right, you will not be a difficulty to survive the fierce winter!

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