Megan Markle and her beauty secrets

The whole world watched as an American actress charmed a British prince and was able to marry him to herself.

A smart wedding with a huge number of guests, just shocked all those who were present at it and who watched the live broadcast online. Everything in this woman is a bit different than the people of Britain used to see the royal family. But it was her own dissimilarity with all the others, she fascinated half the globe and did what every girl dreams of, starting from the age when she first heard a fairy tale – she became a princess.

Her story about Cinderella was truly beautiful, despite some disagreements with the royal family and the setting of their rules and requirements.

This girl looks great and therefore, managed to charm the prince of Great Britain not only with her mental abilities, but also with an amazing appearance. Secrets of her ideal figure and appearance of the skin, the Princess of Sussex revealed right after she entered the royal family. She is convinced that one should not hide that which can help other women find their happiness in life, and possibly marry a prince, as Megan herself managed.

What does success depend on?

The secrets of the beauty and youth of her skin, Megan Markle revealed to all comers as well as she to remain always in great shape and help her appearance to conquer the world. After all, as you know, beauty will save the world! So, what does the princess do every day to always remain young and beautiful?

1) Make-up for five minutes. Megan Markle admitted that she does not like to spend a lot of time at the mirror, paying too much attention to her makeup. All that she prefers for every day is to twist the eyelashes slightly, apply mascara on them and use a transparent lip balm. Such minimalism in cosmetics was observed by the girl always, although it is possible that after some time in the role of the princess, she will reconsider her preferences and will choose more carefully what to put on the face, before appearing in public.
2) Long and thick eyelashes. It turns out that one of the most frequent reasons to look after your appearance, for Megan are eyelashes. The girl does not like that her eyes were expressionless, and therefore, uses an air conditioner to grow eyelashes, which helps her to always look like a hundred percent. Expensive procedures or too tedious masks are not to Megan’s taste, and the remedy that needs only to be applied to the eyelashes has won the sincere love of Princess Sussex.
3) Facial massage. Regular massage procedures for the face, allow Megan Markle to look always fresh and radiant. Her skin will never become a reason for discussing journalists, since she has her own cosmetician, who is making sure that dark circles under the eyes disappear on the same day as they appeared. With massage movements, Nicolas Joss, who acts as a personal cosmetologist, eliminates all visible changes on the skin, and also helps to cope with fatigue and age-related wrinkles.
4) Volume on the hair. In a very simple way Megan Markle got used to returning her lost hair to her hair. She shared this secret with the whole world and did not regret it at all. It turns out that in order for hair to regain its volume, they need to be sprinkled with a little varnish and massaging movements of the hands to walk around the entire head. At the same time, it is necessary to lower your head downwards, so that you can shake your hair properly.

And the finishing touch is a smile

The charm of this princess is given by the fact that she has an incredibly attractive and smiling smile. The girl does not stint on giving her positive emotions to everyone who deserves it.

Of course, it can not be called frivolous, since it always uses its smile to the best, and knows very well when it is possible to smile, and when not. But in cases where the royal protocol does not prohibit the princess from smiling, fans of Megan Markle can see the most charming smile of all. Moreover, it is she who makes the girl more happy and young day by day.