Upon the occurrence of a certain age (the majority is 45-55 years old), the female body begin to rebuild hormone that is associated with the change in her body functions. All the “scientific” journals and “opinion leaders”, we repeat, to the climax to properly prepare, take drugs and other Labuda, but is it really?

And the answer to this question will be completely different than you imagined (or you have hammered in the head). In fact, the climax – it is absolutely natural process in order to increase the number of past years for women. This is a cool feature that you granted it – your friend, not an enemy. The male body is not given such a function, so glad that you are a woman!)

The main recommendation site: be reasonable in all the processes of your life. Know the measure, and Be able to stop in time. Restrain emotional extremes. And remember that life during menopause – it’s not the end of your journey. It is the next step that you have to know and accept.

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