Methods for cleaning the liver

At the present time, it is becoming less and less common to meet people who are really watching their health properly and reacting in time to the body’s alarming signals

With our tense rhythm of life, wrong nutrition, bad habits, we are causing irreparable harm to the body, and we begin to sound the alarm when we are already feeling very bad. This is all wrong, because any unpleasant moment is better to prevent in a timely manner than to spend a lot of time and money on restoring one’s health.

What harms our liver?

The liver is one of the vital organs in the human body. It performs many important functions that ensure the normal life of the body, one of them are filtering blood from harmful substances that accumulate in the body; formation and secretion of bile, necessary for the normal process of digestion. The liver plays a very important role in protecting the immune system of the body. Since this organ does not have nerve endings, it is very difficult to immediately pay attention to the inflammatory or pathological processes taking place in it.

Therefore, every person who is looking after his or her health must necessarily undergo a medical examination on time once a year, doing ultrasound and handing out the necessary tests (the most elementary – a general blood test and liver tests) and of course lead a healthy lifestyle, so as not to hurt himself .

To do this, you need to give up alcohol, which is very damaging to the liver and the fastest breaks its proper functioning. Smoking, which is very harmful to your body, also has a very detrimental effect on the liver. Nicotine narrows the vessels, and since the liver is enriched with a large number of vessels, their narrowing affects the work of many organs, in particular, the exchange between the blood vessels and the bile vessels is disturbed, which can lead to bile stagnation. Frequent intake of medications also does not bring any benefit not only to the liver, but to the whole organism, for good reason, each drug has its own specific dosage and course of application.

The large consumption of fatty, fried and sweet foods is also not very useful for your health. If you like spicy condiments and dishes, then you should not overdo it with their use, the same applies to coffee, the use of which in large quantities is harmful to both the liver and the gastrointestinal tract of the body as a whole.

How to maintain the health of your liver?

For your body to work properly, and you feel good enough just to pay due attention to your health and always listen to its signals. To do this, you do not have to make any efforts at all, you just need to lead a healthy lifestyle, be friends with sports, do not include harmful foods in your diet and eat right. The liver is a fairly serious organ that can both cleanse the body and be cleansed independently, and if you are advocates of a healthy lifestyle, then you do not need to exert any effort. But if for some reason you need to help your body, then treat it with special care and responsibility. If you just want to conduct a so-called preventive cleaning, then it is possible to do it at home using a special diet.

To do this, you just need to use your will power, because for the duration of the diet you need to exclude all fried, salted, spicy, floury (white bread) and sweet.

Instead, eat biscuits, vegetable soups, lean chicken meat. The food must necessarily be divided and in small portions. If one diet is to be cleared and normal liver function can not be avoided, it is necessary to take specialized medications called hepatoprotectors, which provide protection and restoration of liver functions, together with them it is also necessary to take cholagogue preparations that promote good bile flow, since the liver plays not the last role in the process of digestion, which means that when cleaning the liver, it is also necessary to monitor the functions of all organs of the gastrointestinal tract. In any case, if you decide to take care of cleaning the liver for any medical indication or just for the purpose of prevention, take this seriously. Take time and attention to your health, and you will always look and feel great.