Methods of Protection Against Energy Vampires

It so happens that a little talking to bystanders or with a friend at work, suddenly there is a feeling that you “like a squeezed lemon”.

The question naturally arises, what could cause such a sudden exhaustion, and how she suddenly came from. The emergence of such a state, most likely influenced by a meeting with an energy vampire.

How can you protect yourself from these situations?

Let’s for a moment imagine that between you and the vampire is mirror, which is aimed in his direction. In such cases, all the negativity from the source, be sure to come back to him again.

This can be compared with fish bladder, in which shell you are and thus get protection for the whole day on the energy impact on you.

You can also submit to an impenetrable wall of bricks at the sudden appearance of a vampire on your way. It should also be remembered that at the meeting and in contact with a man – vampire, you must try to be sure to erase your memory of such a meeting. The constant mental reminder of it will interfere in your affairs.

At a meeting with a man, you should try to be so necessarily between a vampire and you there was a metal barrier, it can be a table, chair or other items. It would be good also if you succeed in your body to feel the thoughts boundaries that aggressive energy of the companion you are not available and the bypass you party.

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