Nowadays more and more people are complaining of a headache. This is a problem which must be fought with the help of qualified doctors. Unfortunately, most people prefer to drink analgesic tablet.

So, let’s see, what are the main symptoms of this disease. Very often patients are concerned: photophobia, flashing before the eyes, nausea, pale skin. Once again, we note that under these symptoms it is best to consult a doctor to undergo the necessary examination.

But let’s learn about the prevention of migraine.

1. Power. It is important to eat right. This means that you need to eat sufficient vegetables, fruits and herbs.
2. Sleep. Very restful sleep is important. No nightlife.
3. Rest. We must remember that the body needs in a day of rest.
4. Fresh air. Increase time spent on the street.
5. Sport. Do not ignore the sports training. Sports – that’s what you need to be engaged at an early age.
6.Stress. Of course, now it is difficult to live a day without stress. But this should strive for.

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