Migraines or just a headache?

How to recognize what happens to your body, for example, if your head hurts.

It turns out that American scientists have been able to find the reason for a simple headache due to spasm of blood vessels http://www.goods-eu.com/, can become a real problem and develop into a migraine. For most people, the very sensation of a headache becomes intolerable already at the initial stage of their education.

Therefore, in order not to lose the opportunity to do as much as possible good for your body, you need to be able to recognize the pain and strive to eliminate it immediately after the first signs of occurrence.

After all, with each type of pain, you need to apply individual methods of treatment.

Where does the migraine come from?

According to scientists who for ten years studied the causes of the formation and factors of migraine, this disease can manifest itself in most cases in women than in men. And the thing is that the cells that cause migraine pain, develop and become active only in the case of large amounts of the hormone estrogen, which in turn is considered a female hormone. Therefore, a neurological disease, like migraine, is generally considered to be a woman’s disease. Of course, it can not be said that men do not have migraine, but this happens only in case of mutation of cells, activated when exposed to the male hormone testosterone.

In the body of any person there are all the hormones, only depending on gender, we can say that some of them are more owned by women or men. Everything is very closely connected with the fact that any headache is treated with spasmolytics. But this is fundamentally wrong, since it can have negative consequences, causing many side effects.

Therefore, if the head was sick very often, and at the same time, there is little opportunity to exercise at least a minor impact on its removal, you must go to the hospital so that after proper medical examination, to get proper treatment if the doctor will be able to establish that you indeed , migraine. Only in this case, stronger medicines are used, which are only available on prescription. It is necessary to try to find not only a way to eliminate the headache, but also the reason why, it could, indeed, disappear from your life forever. After all, in most cases, the precursors of migraine are frequent stress and nervous feelings that can lead human health, not only to the formation of a migraine, but more dire consequences.

Vasospasm as a cause of pain in the head

In most cases, a person’s headache manifests only in vegetative-vascular dystonia, which has many directions for symptomatology, as well as a huge number of side effects. And therefore, the headache is not the only consequence of this disease. After all, if a person has a cardiovascular system, the brain causes pain in order to pay attention to this part of the body. We must try to do everything possible to strengthen our blood vessels daily and in every possible way to contribute to how they will feel great.

After the vessels come to order, a person can say goodbye forever to his headache and be sure that she will not return.

In general, the right way of life, which is supported by a healthy diet, will certainly have the most positive effect on your health. Do not miss the opportunity to feel great, while giving very little time to organize your schedule of the day and diet according to all the rules of a healthy lifestyle. The scientists together with physicians believe that tolerate a headache can not be, because sometimes it can lead to rupture of blood vessels in the brain, as well as to the fact that a person can go crazy. But also to treat it it is necessary to learn correctly, so as not to harm your body and health as a whole. It is very important to pay attention in time to your illnesses and problems, which are very likely that they can save your life.