Minerals that are Needed by the Body

Everyone knows that the human body needs vitamins. But do not forget about their faithful companion, who called minerals. The body needs them, no less.

So, in what minerals the body needs on a daily basis? A total of seven.

1. Calcium. You want to have your teeth strong and healthy, eat more cheese, cheese, because these products contain a lot of calcium.
2. Phosphorus. For bones and teeth are healthy need more than calcium and phosphorus. Fish and red meat – its main sources.
3. Magnesium. In order to calm down, and strengthen the heart muscle, needs magnesium. Eat bananas and green vegetables.
4. Sodium. To adjust the water balance in the body is needed is sodium.
5. Chlorine. Chloro plays an important role in digestion, but it is not contained in the pure form or in a single product.
6. Potassium. To reduce the increased pressure needed potassium. Eat more vegetables and fruits. It contains enough potassium.
7. Sulphur. Sulfur is necessary for cartilage. This mineral is found in mushrooms and meat.

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