Movement and Life

Everyone wants to live to a ripe old age and still be relatively healthy. But for this you need to make at least some effort. The most important thing to do – is to tear his ass from the chair, and begin to move slightly.

More and more people spend a lot of time on the computer. This means that a person leads a sedentary lifestyle. Yes, if it is connected with the work, it is difficult to change something. But after the work is not necessary again to sit at the computer. There are many other exciting activities.

So you want to live a long time ?! Start moving! Movement – this is exactly what is lacking in modern man. The more a person moves, the longer it will live. Scientists from the UK, concluded that 3:00 sedentary work take a person two years of his life. Sedentary behavior negatively affects all organs and systems. Diseases of joint, metabolism disorders, high blood pressure, heart problems – it is not the whole list of what can affect a sedentary lifestyle on health.

Come on more often on walks! Be healthy!

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