Murderers of Female Beauty

Throughout his life, the woman tries to keep her youth and beauty. This is due to the fact that no one wants to grow old. Unfortunately, time does not stop. Elixir of youth does not come up, and the secret of immortality, no one has yet invented. You can give yourself a high quality care to look much younger than his years.

However, as paradoxical, there are the so-called murderers of female beauty. Many women still do not know about them. But the most frightening thing is that they are always around us, it is impossible to get rid of them.

So, what kills the beauty of a woman? This is nothing more than a computer monitor, which generates an electrostatic field. What does it affect?

1. Skin. The monitor has a detrimental effect on the skin of women. It can begin to flake, itch and redden. To cope with the problem you need to open the window more often to the room was always fresh air.
2. The nervous system. Disability level is reduced by several times.
3. Vision. From the monitor greatly suffers vision. No wonder why so many people wear glasses or lenses.

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