Myths about Beauty

At present it is difficult to find a woman who would not give due attention to their appearance. Undoubtedly, there are many beauty recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. However, in this regard, there are many myths that have no scientific validity.

So, what about the beauty of the most common myths?

1. Mascara. Many women believe that if we use the mascara, then they will fall out and become brittle. This is pure lie. The structure of the modern mascara contains components that, on the contrary, strengthens the lashes.
2. Nail polish. The nail polishes contain harmful substances. It is not true. Modern technologies allow to abandon the use of hazardous substances in the manufacture of varnish. Now lacquers contain a lot of vitamins.
3. Cellulite. Skinny women believe that cellulite can appear only in obese women. Only it’s a huge mistake. Now very often “orange peel” can be seen on the legs slim girl 20 years.

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