Myths about Breast Cancer

Today, women’s lives are under threat because of such a dangerous disease as breast cancer. The disease is really very terrible. It is not always possible to defeat it. But do not talk about sad things. Always you need to hope for the best. It must be said that with timely access to a doctor it will be possible to completely recover. Undoubtedly, Probiox Plus Deutschland many difficulties will have to be overcome, but the outcome can be quite favorable. The most important thing is to monitor your health, and do not ignore your doctor’s visit.

Since oncological diseases are widespread around the world, this topic is actively massaged in the media. In this regard, there are many myths and speculations about breast cancer. I want to note that most often they are absolutely unfounded. You can not believe in them. This only complicates the already difficult situation.

What Are the Most Common Myths about Breast Cancer in Women you Can Find in Newspapers or on the Internet?

1. Wearing a bra. Whatever model of a bra a woman chooses, this can not affect the development of the disease. There is one nuance – you need to choose the right underwear correctly. He should not squeeze the chest under any circumstances. Before buying underwear, you need to understand how comfortable it will be for you.

2. Big breasts. The size of the breast does not affect the onset of the disease. It’s someone’s silly fiction. The size of the mammary gland depends only on the amount of adipose tissue. And this fact is où acheter Femin Plus France dans la pharmacie most often caused genetically.

3. Convexity in the chest. If on your chest you notice any bulges or swelling, do not panic. It does not say anything yet. But with a visit to the doctor is not worth it. Diagnosis is best done in a timely manner. Not always a tumor in the chest can be malignant.

4. Conduction of a mammogram. A mammogram is desirable for all women after 40 years. Prevention – that’s what you need to focus on. Do not believe that this procedure can cause illness. A timely procedure increases the chances of recovery. Unfortunately, many women do not care about their health at all. Visiting a gynecologist, conducting diagnostic procedures, taking tests or conducting an independent examination of the mammary glands is not part of their plans. Most often, women refer to a lack of time. Let’s remind, the most important is health. It depends only on you.

5. Pain in the chest. If the chest began to ache, then this does not mean the development of an insidious disease. It is necessary to pass a survey to find out the cause of the pain. Sometimes a banal where to buy Femin Plus UK in the pharmacy hormonal failure can cause pain. The purpose of proper treatment will greatly improve the condition.

6. Silicone implants. Today, more and more women are interested in breast augmentation. Men like it when a woman has big breasts. Most likely, this is their biggest fantasy. On what you will not go for the sake of the beloved! Women are not afraid to lie under the knife. If only their beauty is always admired by the chosen one. However, there was information that carrying out such an operation could cause oncology. But all this is fiction. The Varysan mua ở hiệu thuốc Việt Nam operation to increase the breast and the development of cancer have nothing to do with each other. Another thing is that nature never makes mistakes. It is best to accept yourself as God created you. Natural beauty will always be relevant. Fashion is constantly changing, we can say that it is moving in a circle. To pursue it is completely pointless. Love yourself for who you are.

Remember, about Preventive Measures

Preventive maintenance and once again preventive maintenance – here, Varysan ซื้อที่ร้านขายยา ประเทศไทย that can rescue millions lives on the earth.