Myths about Cellulite

Currently, more and more possible to meet women who are struggling with the problem of cellulite. It can be found on the thighs of many women.

Each of us is trying to actively stand up to him. In this regard, and there was a lot of myths.

So what myths exist about cellulite?

1. Thin no cellulite. Thin women also like the full face of orange peel on the buttocks.
2. Only women. It is worth noting that cellulite can be seen in men. Cellulite – is not purely a women’s issue.
3. Weight. If a woman is to lose weight, it does not mean that cellulite disappear. Quite simply, it will be less noticeable.
4. Cream. No cream can not save you from this problem. The cream will make the skin more smooth and dimples will be less noticeable.

Lovely woman, never to be faced with such a problem as cellulite, you need to lead an active life. This means that you need to spend less time near the TV and move more. It is equally important to adjust the diet. Include in the diet of more fruits and cakes from here should be discarded.

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