Myths about Domestic Cosmetics

Every woman believes in the miraculous effect of cosmetics home. At what each of all trying to do correctly. Well, who does not want to look 30 to 50 years ?!

So, what are the most common myths about domestic cosmetics exist?

1. Lemon juice. Every woman knows that you can whiten your skin with lemon juice. But it is not so. Yes, it can make your skin lighter, but with dark spots, he never removes.
2. Castor oil. Everyone knows that a good growth of eyelashes need to use castor oil. But no oily substances which might act in a similar manner. W0 lashes will shine more, but no more. Besides, for this purpose can be applied absolutely any oil.
3. Ice. Every woman is confident, that in the morning you need to wipe the face with ice cubes. Just always have to be aware that it is not so useful. From the temperature drop red spots may appear on the skin.

Finally, I want to say that any cosmetic procedure are two sides to the coin.

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