Myths about Hormonal Pills

At present, more and more women are opting for hormone pills to prevent pregnancy. This is a fairly reliable method of contraception. However, many women still continue to believe in myths that are not entirely justified.

1. Weight. If you start taking hormone pills, you can gain weight. It is not true. Modern contraceptives do not lead to a set of extra kilos.
2. Infertility. This drug can lead to infertility. If a woman decides to plan a pregnancy, then it is enough to drink last pill from the package. After menstruation can be sexually active, do not take precautions.
3. Break. Tablets have many contraindications, so their admission to take a break. It is not true. It is important to choose the right contraceptive. This should only deal with your gynecologist. Before you start to drink contraceptives need to get tested.

Lovely woman, drink or not to drink tablets – it’s up to you. No one has the right to impose their views. However, each case is individual, and all the issues must be addressed with your doctor.

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