Myths about Infertility

At present, more and more couples are faced with such a challenge, as sterility. This problem is very serious, because every woman wants to have a baby, and every man wants to be a father.

Now there are many unproven facts, according to the topic.

So, what are the myths about infertility the most common?

1. Orgasm. If a woman has an orgasm, she can not get pregnant. It is not true. Everyone understands that orgasm must test man.
2. Frequency. It is said that the need to engage in sex as often as possible. But it’s not quite true. Sex is necessary to engage in a day, or may reduce the quality of sperm.
3. The magic number 40. Many believe that only a woman can give birth to 40 years. But this is not the case. Many women can easily give birth and after that age.
4. Painful menstruation. Some people believe that if the menstruating woman feels bad that she can not get pregnant. This fact is not evidence.

Lovely woman, believe and strive for your goal!

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