Myths about shaving for women that are worth breaking down for a long time

Why do more than seventy percent of women prefer shaving to other hair removal procedures?

Scientists asked this question and came to the conclusion that thanks to the use of machines or mechanical razors, women experience much less pain, and this significantly affects their choice of how to remove unnecessary vegetation. After all, if a woman is hurt, it means she will hardly ever come back to this procedure again and again. Thus, a smooth shaving machine began to choose only those who have increased the threshold of sensitivity or absolutely no desire to deliver even the slightest unpleasant sensation. So, it is necessary to understand those statements that used to frighten women from using a shaving machine.

What should I stop believing?

1) After shaving, the hair becomes thicker, thicker and darker. In fact, this is far from the truth, because if you allow the hair to grow to the right size and completely recover after shaving, then it will be able to regain its softness and even color. As for the density, it is completely unjustified, because hairs can not begin to grow where there is no time for them. So how much hairy your body will be, depends only on genetic data.
2) Because of shaving, the tan disappears. This statement can be believed only by schoolchildren, who have not yet passed the topic of human anatomy about how tan appears. And those who are even slightly educated know that the tan appears due to the production of the hormone melanin very deep under the skin. Therefore, it is impossible to work on the lower layers of the skin, if shaving does not concern them. Thanks to smooth skin after shaving, which at the same time will be oiled or moisturizing cream, your tan will get more expressive and noticeable.
3) The razors leave cuts. Of course, if you use the machine incorrectly, then cuts can not be avoided. But modern razors are designed in such a way as to minimize the likelihood that a woman can make a cut and cause herself harm. So even in a large number of blades, razors are not terrible for those who do everything neatly and slowly. After all, a uniform distribution of force over several blades in one area of ​​the skin creates a pressure that does not allow the cut to be made inadvertently. So in this matter you can be absolutely sure.
4) After shaving, the skin is dry and flaky. It is very important to pay attention to the fact that the skin on the legs is very dry by nature, which means that it needs constant moistening and care. Achieve what can only be using humidification from the side. And if you use soothing creams and other cosmetic products every time after shaving, it is quite possible that this will save the skin on your feet from drying out.
5) Shaving takes too much time. In fact, the time that you spend on preparing the skin for shaving, the very procedure of shaving and the subsequent moisturizing of the skin, justifies itself by one hundred percent. After all, all other options for removing unnecessary vegetation on a female body are designed for a greater amount of time spent, so do not pay attention to what can cause an allergic reaction to the skin or cause irritation.

Beautiful and smooth skin – easy!

Every girl dreams that her image was flawless and could work for her in the most favorable light. And if she prefers shaving her legs, then you can conclude that this girl loves herself and does not want to bring her body unpleasant sensations, after which there is redness on the skin, and sometimes irritation, capable of eliminating only with the help of medicamental effects.

Therefore, it is better to be maximally confident in its ideal appearance, which was created by own hands. Shaving makes the skin more radiant, which very well emphasizes sunburn and beautiful sports outlines.

So do not doubt that only with the help of clean-shaven skin, you can get a lot of positive reviews and admiring looks from men.