Myths of Contraception

Currently, a young family or couple can decide when they are ready to have a child. To do this, you can select any and reliable method of contraception. It may be – a condom, hormone pills, candles and much more.

But as it was not developed world, many people do not know that there are many myths that are associated with the subject of contraception.

So, let us look at the most popular myths.

1. Douching. Many women believe that if the conduct syringing, the pregnancy does not occur after sexual intercourse. This is not true. After ejaculation, millions of sperm immediately fall into the uterine cavity. Douching will not help, but on the contrary will promote pregnancy.
2. The calendar method. Maximum chance of getting pregnant during ovulation. But do not forget that ovulation may move for a few days and sperm live in the woman’s vagina to 5 days.
3. Pose. If a woman is at the time of sexual intercourse on top, then the chances of getting pregnant are minimal. Make no mistake, this is not so.

To protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy, you should be protected by modern methods of contraception.

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