Nail Сare

Every woman wants to have long and beautiful nails. Now this can be achieved very simply – build-up. But what if you do this procedure is not to his liking, and their nails to grow hard. In this case, the main thing, do not despair. Long nails can grow, this is no big deal.

So, what procedures need to do to become strong nails?

1. Power. It is essential to pay due attention to their diet. It must be complete and balanced.
2. Water. To sloilis nails do not need to drink enough water.
3. Mask. Very useful mask for nails, which stimulates the growth of nails. Recipe for her is simple – children’s cream and red pepper. The mixture should be applied to the nail. After 10 minutes, rinse with water.
4. Length. Nails should be of medium length. No need to go from one extreme to another.
5. Cuticle. Cuticle should be removed carefully so as not to damage the nail bed.
6. Nail polish. You can never paint your nails without a basis under a varnish. This is extremely important. Choose as a basis for strengthening varn.

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