Nasal Allergy

Nowadays more and more people are faced with such a problem as an allergy. One of the most obvious manifestations of it – is allergic rhinitis. This problem now is acute in many countries. Since this disease is not so easy to fight because allergies can be the component that can not be 100% eliminated.

So, how to relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis?

1. Irritants. Try once again to not irritate the mucous membrane of the allergens. This means no pets in the house.
2. Dust. The house should be more frequent wet cleaning. The less dust, the patient will be easier. It is advisable to clean without chemicals.
3. Carpets. Get rid of carpets and soft toys. These are the main drives dust. They are not needed in the building.
4. Analyses. Refer to the hospital, the doctor has appointed the necessary list of analyzes. It is important to identify what a person has an allergy.
5. The drug. It is important to choose the right drug, which will be qualitatively to stop all the symptoms of allergies.

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