Naturalness is Best

Looking at modern women, we can say with confidence that most of them value not natural beauty, but what they try to do themselves.

Undoubtedly, this is a very depressing fact. Fashion is constantly changing, and natural beauty remains always in fashion. But this fact is not all yet understood and comprehended.

Let’s figure out which parts of her body women try to change most often?

1. Hair. Notice, now there are fewer women who do not dye their hair. If a woman is blond, then she needs to be a brunette, and if the brunette, then you need to immediately lighten your hair. This always occurs. A woman does not want to be the way nature created it.
2. Nails. Nail extensions are a fairly common procedure. Unfortunately, women do not want to understand that there is nothing better than neatly trimmed and very short nails.
3. Plastic surgery. If to speak about cardinal changes, women are not afraid even of plastic operations. They are ready to lie under the knife, in order to become more beautiful, in their opinion. But sometimes everything turns out differently.

Lovely women, what nature has awarded you is the most beautiful and charming!

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