New multimedia features

The fascinating digital world of computerization allows us to use modern capabilities and communications. The current development of mankind, as well as the possible methods of using these developments allow us to receive from life much more than people could imagine. Only one smartphone, which appeared on the market relatively recently, presents invaluable opportunities for any person. For example, today’s young people do not use these smartphones just to just get the necessary information from him, and not just to call up friends or relatives. Moreover, social studies have shown that these devices are not so often used by their owners to make calls, as more often to send messages to instant messengers, view mail, spend a long time on social networks, and also to satisfy their free time with entertainment games .

Great performance of new smartphones

I remember how I acquired the first personal computer that already ran the Windows operating system, had a processor with a clock speed of 800 MHz, RAM in 256 MB and the drive was as much as 40 GB, which at that time seemed very decent. It is important to note that this computer was purchased in the early 2000s. At that time, such a computer performance was more than behind the eyes! At the same time, everything was managed under the Windows 98 operating system, which also had an office suite. Such a computer coped with most of the tasks assigned to it. However, comparing it with modern mobile processors located in smartphones, you understand that all these processors at that time in today’s world can not even cope with the fact that operating systems normally work, such as Android or IOS. Most modern devices require the concept of multitasking. There are no processors that have only one core. New mobile devices come with a productive 8 cores, with a memory of 4-8 GB and up to 256 GB of free space inside the device. In addition, the user has the option to additionally install in the form of a flash drive as many or more. Multitasking smartphone allows you to perform most of the system processes running inside the operating system itself. For example, geolocation services, monitoring of notifications, mail, the operation of the anti-virus program, tracking updates and so on. A productive computing platform provides smooth animation on the screen more than 60 frames per second. But that’s not all. The current productive smartphones, for example, Vivo NEX, Xiaomi Black Shark, OnePlus 6, Samsung Galaxy S9, Sony Xperia Z2 and Apple IPhone X, allow you to perform a variety of tasks from the simplest – office work to modern and demanding games.

It’s difficult to become simple

Remember the first nonlinear editing programs for which a very powerful computer was required. To create your own video, the miscalculation took a very long time. Sometimes the computer worked all day to get an hour’s video. However, its quality did not exceed the DVD format. Today, it is very simple and easy to engage in nonlinear video editing on a smartphone. The huge processing power of typical smartphones in a few minutes allows you to get a high-quality video in the resolution of FullHD, while you directly on the fly insert the necessary clips for you, complement the music, and impose effects and transitions. The simplicity of the software, as well as the tremendous possibilities of smartphones, allows a person who is completely unaware of the bitrate, frame rate, and resolution immediately, within 10 minutes, to make a very good video and then send it to social networks or other people. Thus, the performance of powerful and modern smartphones simplifies complex tasks, which previously had to be paid to professionals.

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