Nice Dream

Everyone knows that sleep is extremely useful for the organism. I must say that now more and more people are faced with insomnia. This is due to the fact that people behave correctly immediately before bedtime.

So what should you do to sleep was strong?

1. Computer. On the use of the computer to forget in the evening. It is best to listen to quiet music.
2. Pillow and mattress. To sleep was quality, pillow and mattress should be selected correctly. It is best to choose a bed for sleep, not a sofa. So back it will be easier to relax.
3. Walk. Before going to sleep you need to go out and walk a bit. Before leaving, do not forget to open the window to air was fresh in the bedroom.
4. Dinner. If you go to bed at 22:00, the last meal should be at 18.00. You do not need to eat much before going to bed, as this will interfere with sleep.
5. The oil burner. Lavender oil calms the nervous system. Light aroma lamp and add a few drops of soothing oil.

To sleep to be healthy, a person needs as much as possible to relax and unwind.

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