No – Insomnia!

041220166Everyone knows how useful a dream for a man. At this time the body is resting and gaining strength after a hard day’s work.

But now more and more people are faced with such a problem as insomnia. It seems that it would be desirable to sleep, but sleep did not come. The causes of this problem can be mass (stress, problems at work or in your personal life). As if there was not, you should always try to get to sleep.

What do you do when you can not even fall asleep?

1. Doctor. Of course, you can always consult a doctor, so he wrote a sleeping pill. But this is not an option. We must learn to sleep without pills. There is always more simple and effective methods that will contribute to sleep.
2. Chamomile. Excellent tool, which will help to fall asleep – it is chamomile tea.
3. Bath. Before going to bed take a bath. This will help to relax. Very well, add to water the grass.
4. Hops. Under the pillow can put the hop cones. It will also help to fall asleep.
5. Milk. Warm milk with honey will also help to calm down and relax.

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