No Pimples!

Now you can meet on the streets of the city more and more people who are faced with such a problem as acne. The appearance of such people is not the most pleasant – there are always pimples on the face. At the same time, they can be red and inflamed.

What can I do to cope with this problem?

1. Shower. After training, you need to take a shower. This will be an excellent prevention of acne, which appear on the back.
2. Hands off the face. Dirty hands should never touch your face. This habit is very common. Get rid of it. Try to always collect hair, so they also do not touch the skin of the face.
3. Pose in a dream. Sleep best on your back. This will protect the skin from contact with bed linen. Bed linen needs to be changed 2 times a month.
4. Telephone. Keep your phone clean. Regularly wipe the screen. If possible, do not give your phone to strangers.
5. Makeup. Before going to bed, you always need to wash your makeup. This will save you not only from acne, but premature skin aging.

Be beautiful!

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