No Stress in Life!

Now more and more people are under stress. This is very harmful to the human body. Stress – can cause many pathologies.

So, how can you avoid stress? What should I do for this?

1. Sleep. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. A person who sleeps well at night will be more sedate and calm. Go to bed around 22.00.
2. Less noise. Less are in noisy places. They have a negative impact on the human nervous system. Discard the constant watching TV. See only the programs that are actually of interest.
3. Fresh air. Every free minute you spend in the fresh air. Fresh air has a positive effect on the human nervous system.
4. Herbs. Brew your own tea based on herbs. It can be mint or lemon balm. These herbs have long been used as a sedative.
5. Sport. Training in the gym will allow you to tune in a positive way.

Take care of your nerves and nervous system!

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