Normalization of Sleep

Everyone knows that you need to rest and sleep. But sleep is not so easy with the modern conditions of life. Now more and more people are turning to the hospital with the problem of insomnia.

In fact, the problem can not be ignored.

So, how to deal with insomnia ?!

1. Reading. Avoid bedtime reading. Any fascinating book will be of interest. In this case, you’ll read until late at night.
2. Flowers. Buy flowers. Their beautiful view always suggests the good thoughts.
3. Sport. Work out. If people work out, he certainly wants to sleep. Training should be over in a few hours before bedtime. Only in this case it will contribute to sleep.
4. Power. It is very important to eat right. For example, before going to bed is useful to drink a glass of milk.
5. Place to sleep. Choose to sleep only comfortable bed and pillow. If the two important parts, will continue to bring discomfort, then the person will always have trouble falling asleep.
6. Air. Do not forget, before going to bed to go to fresh air.

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