Normalization of the Stomach

Now it is difficult to find someone who would be fed correctly. This is due to the fact that sometimes a person just too lazy to prepare their own meals. It is much more convenient to eat a sandwich, which is prepared in a nearby café.

Such food sooner or later, will have an effect. Most often it manifests itself in the malfunction of the digestive system. That’s when all start to sound the alarm. In this case, you should consult a doctor to find out what happens in the body and how it can be cured.

But to ease your condition, you need to adjust diet.

1. Fatty foods. From fatty and fried foods should be discarded. Meat is better to choose low-fat varieties, and cook it in boiled form.
2. Portions. Portions should be small. Increase the number of meals from two to six. It will be easier for the body to digest food.
3. Prevention of constipation. To prevent constipation need to include in your diet dairy products (yogurt, fermented baked milk). Another great help to cope with constipation products that contain in their composition fiber (beet).
4. Carbonated drinks. From these beverages need to abandon once and for all. They disrupt the work of the entire digestive system.

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