Not Enough Sleep? All Fixable!

Nowadays more and more people complain about the lack of sleep. This problem is quite acute. Since it is necessary to struggle. The earlier a person starts to do it, the better.

So what can be done to sleep was strong and healthy? In other words, you need to do is to forget about such a thing as getting enough sleep ?!

1. TV. Avoid watching TV before going to bed. It always prevents a person to fall asleep. Note that many people like to watch your favorite show before bedtime. But this is fundamentally wrong.
2. Food. Before going to bed should never be tightly eat. If this is done, the next day will be for you the most rosy and cheerful. Prem Last meal should be no later than 18.00. Just before bedtime can drink a glass of kefir or mint tea.
3. Walk. Be sure to walk the streets at night. Our body needs fresh air and oxygen. Evening walk will provide a deep sleep. Do not forget to ventilate the bedroom.

As you can see, very simple rules will make your sleep healthy!

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