Not for Breakfast

Everyone begins his morning breakfast. Undoubtedly, there is a category of the population that does not eat in the morning. But this is another topic of conversation. Most people who want to feel cheerful, eat in the morning.

However, here the question arises – what products are not the best for use during the first meal?

1. Yogurt. Yogurt – it’s not the best product for the stomach in the morning. The fact that a lot of useful bacteria include in its composition. But in the morning the stomach is completely empty. In this regard, the alkaline environment of gastric juice will kill all bacteria. The body can not get any benefit. Yogurt is better to drink at lunchtime.
2. Orange. All citrus fruits have to eat just after a meal, as they can cause ulcers and gastritis.
3. Bananas. This is not the most useful product for breakfast. The bore contains a lot of magnesium. The body will be difficult to cope with its sharp rise.
4. Persimmon. Persimmons – this is a very healthy fruit. But due to its astringent action is better not to eat for breakfast. Persimmons can cause pain in the stomach.

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