Nutrition and the Skin Condition

Now everyone knows that the skin condition is dependent on our food. The more it healthy and correct, the better.

So let’s understand what has to be the power to bring the beauty of the skin?

1. Vitamin A. If the body lack of vitamin A, the skin becomes rough. Eat more meat, carrots. Using these products, the skin becomes more smooth and fresh.
2. Vitamin C. This vitamin is responsible for skin elasticity. More often eat oranges, cranberries, parsley. Vitamin C influences the production of collagen in the body, which is responsible for youthful skin.
3. Vitamin E. This vitamin is able to improve skin elasticity. Include in the diet of vegetable oil. It is important to spend more time in the sun.
4. Vitamin F. This vitamin provides prevention of acne formation. Eat nuts, seeds, and with such a problem, you will never encounter.

As you can see, it is extremely important vitamins for skin beauty. Thus, they should be located not in cosmetics and foods.

Proper and healthy diet – a pledge of luxurious leather!

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