Nutrition during Influenza

Influenza is a pathology that most often affects people in the autumn-winter period. Bad weather, poor nutrition, and incorrectly selected clothes – all this is bad for human health. Everyone can get sick with flu. Nobody is immune to the disease.

In this case, a completely logical question arises: what should nutrition be during the illness ?! It is through proper nutrition that you can recover faster and get on your feet.

Cook the chicken broth. It contains substances that will help the immune system to cope more quickly with pathological microorganisms. This is perhaps the most useful product for this disease.

It is also necessary to drink as much liquid as possible. All toxins must be removed from the body. You can brew tea with lemon or rose hips.

We can not fail to mention the use of vegetables and berries in food. He will saturate the body with vitamins.

As you see the right food – this is one of the main weapons in the fight against the disease.

Finally, we note the positive attitude also plays an important role.

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