Nuts Will Protect Against Cancer

Oncological diseases most often take a person’s life. Unfortunately, scientists can not come up with a cure for a terrible disease. Why so, it is difficult to say. But this is reality. However, I want to note that if there is no treatment for the disease, then there is always its prevention.

So, how can you protect yourself and your family from cancer?

1. Fiber. Include in the diet more foods with fiber (brown rice, blackberries, raspberries, apricots). Thanks to this substance, the stool will be regular, which means that harmful substances will not circulate in the body.
2. Nuts. If the body in a normal amount will be present selenium, then the ailment will bypass. This unique trace element is still found in sunflower seeds and pumpkins.
3. Sunburn. Sunbath is loved by everyone. Only in this case, a competent approach is needed. Do not allow the skin to burn.
4. Fruit. Eat fruit every day. This is the product that will always bring much more health benefits than harm.

Set up a diet to maintain good health!

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