Oily Skin during Pregnancy

Pregnancy – is one of the most magical and exciting periods in the life of every woman. Every girl wants to have a baby. Only one should always remember that skin problems are inevitable.

Many women in the first trimester of the skin can become more oily. This is due to hormonal changes in the body. Unfortunately, this can not be prevented.

No doubt, every woman knows what to do if the skin is oily. Now it is written millions of articles.

However, during pregnancy, many agents can not be used, since they can harm the baby. During this period, it is best to give up cosmetics, which consists of: salicylic, glycolic acid and retinol acetate.

This period is necessary to give preference to natural components. You can always use as masks low-fat yogurt, honey, olive oil. Every morning, you can wipe the face with ice cubes. During the day you can use wipes that will remove the shine.

Before using any tool during pregnancy, read its ingredients carefully.

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