Oily skin will not be a barrier to beautiful makeup

At more than seventy percent of women after thirty years there is a change in the skin, after which they become fat and the face starts to shine.

Of course http://www.goods-eu.com/, you can say that you are not the only one, and that means that surrounding women should understand you in case of something, but it’s worth noting that never in my life, not a single woman supported the other when it comes to beauty.

Therefore, one must independently study all possible options for eliminating greasy shine on the face, as well as the ability to find your own approach to your skin, which should be, always always fresh and beautiful.

So, in order not to waste time on cosmetics that do not eliminate fatty gloss, but rather increase its profuse manifestation, you need to know some recommendations.

Rules for fighting grease shine

1) Cleansing. Every time before make-up, it is very important to cleanse the skin, which must be amazingly fresh. It is best to use light scrubs and special brushes that can remove all dirt from the skin and exfoliate dead particles from its surface. To be done with plain water. not succeed, because the result must get incredible, which means that it is worth the effort to make your skin look beautiful.
2) Moistening. The next step, after cleansing, should be moisturizing. After getting into the moisturizing cream, you can count on the fact that the sebaceous cells will calm down and do not become too active to produce a greasy shine. And therefore, before using a foundation or powder, it is necessary to moisten your skin a little, instead of artificially drying it.
3) Primer. The base for make-up, should be in the arsenal of each girl, especially one that has oily skin on the face. After all, its matting effect plays a huge role in creating a correct and durable image. It is impossible to admit that at the most crucial moment, you have a fat glitter on your face.
4) Tone cream. For oily skin, you should pay attention to a matting foundation, which can be of different texture. After all, the correctness of the application and the excellent result is influenced not by density, as it is commonly believed, but by the composition of the cream. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the fact that among the ingredients you can find vitamins and natural oils.
5) Powder. This cosmetic product should be used only in the most extreme cases. For example, if you notice that after some time from the moment of application of a voice-frequency cream there will be a fat shine, means it is necessary to address for the help to powder. And in all other cases, it only creates an additional layer on the skin, under which it is very hot, which means that it will quickly begin to sweat.
6) Matting wipes. At responsible events, when there is simply no time and opportunity to correct make-up, it is worth using dry matting wipes, which in a single moment will save you from greasy shine and restore your image to life and beauty.
7) Oil for the face. The last rule should be used daily before bedtime for one week. Applying enough abundant amounts of any oil for the face, it is necessary to leave it soaked overnight, which will result in a reduction in activity in the sebaceous glands, as well as a significant reduction in their productivity in the future.

Why is greasy shine recognized unethical?

Many women ask this question throughout their lives. After all, how much easier it would be to live, knowing that the fat glitter on the face, absolutely no one cares. But when we see this manifestation of the organism on someone else, I want to immediately tell the person to go and wash, because the fat face looks rather ugly and untidy. And therefore, you have to use a lot of energy and energy to avoid this phenomenon on your skin, and also to recommend your image as perfect and most perfect.

After a long effort, the result will not keep you waiting, which means you can safely expect that at the most crucial moments of your life, you will look just fine.