On the Dangers of Sleep Alone

Do not seek to be alone in his bed, with the aim to relax and sprawl as your heart desires.

Researchers of the University of Pittsburgh found that sleep alone harmful.

Sleeping in the neighborhood with the other person is extremely useful for health. The reason is important for each individual a sense of lack of danger.

If you are not sure of the security, the body becomes the higher the amount of cortisol, a stress hormone has a name. As a consequence, in the blood increases the number of proteins and there to a serious malfunction of the heart muscle, nervous disorders and autoimmune diseases far.

There is a sense to share his bed with close and trusted people, then you will be protected, calm and healthy.

Of interest is the fact that the festivities during the holidays, full of turbulent emotions, negative impact on health. Adequate sleep helps eliminate many health problems.

Sleeping in the same bed with the dear man will make you the owner of the hormone oxytocin, which will bring happiness and health.

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