Oriental Women and their Hair

031220164Many women have always admired the beauty of oriental women’s hair. This beauty is difficult to describe in words. The hair always look healthy, shiny, thick and silky.

What are the secrets to melt a resident of the East?

1. Henna. Masks on the basis of henna have a remarkable effect. After its application the hair becomes thicker and more obedient. At the same time it can help a little hair dye. All components are natural and not lead to excessive loss of hair.
2. Fermented milk product. On the basis of yogurt masks also have a very good effect. The hair is very beautiful. Note, after the application of such a mask, it is possible to abandon the use hair conditioner. The hair will be easy to comb and beautiful lie.
3. Spices. If you want to grow your hair, then you need to use chili powder. As a base can take any oil. Keep the mask should be as long as the burning sensation will appear. After that you need to wash off the mask. The course – a month. The procedure can be performed 1-2 times per week.

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