Osteoporosis and its Prevention

Currently in adulthood more people are faced with this disease as osteoporosis. This means that the bones become more brittle. To prevent the disease, it is necessary to adjust the diet. So what should you include in your diet?

1. Milk. Everyone knows that milk – is a source of calcium. It should be consumed every day.
2. Greens. The green contains calcium and potassium. With the help of potassium bones become denser. And this is to reduce the risk of fractures.
3. Sun. It should be noted that calcium is not absorbed by the body as good as we would like. But there are vitamin D (produced when a man is in the sun), which improves the absorption of calcium.
4. Nuts. Nuts – a perfect product that can be overcome and to prevent osteoporosis. This is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals.
5. Movement. Try to move more. Work out more often go outside and play active games. In good weather, you can go for a bike ride. In general, the greater the movement is, the better.

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