Overcome Sudden Fatigue

Sometimes fatigue leans out of the blue.

What to do if absolutely no strength left, and still need to redo so much to do? Doctors suggest what to do if the fatigue caught you by surprise.

It is worth remembering that dehydration – one of the main causes of sudden loss of power. Correct drinking regime prevents dizziness and improves memory. Try to drink somewhere and a half liters of water a day.

To feel a surge of strength and to restore normal blood sugar levels, it is necessary to eat apples. Apples contain sugars and carbohydrates, which improves mental performance and general health.

Wrong spend the whole day at your desk. When seated vessels narrow, and there is a feeling of fatigue. Take a two-minute break every half an hour. Get up, walk around, feel the energy return.

It is also necessary to monitor the position of the body during operation of the PC. Leaning to the monitor, we squeeze the blood arteries that lead to the brain. This prevents him from fully work and also causes fatigue.

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