All women want to have a beautiful figure. However, the desire to eat no less strong. However, if a woman eats normally and does not overeat, the problems with the figure she would not. But do not forget that many people tend to overeat. So you always want to eat extra chocolate candy, it’s so tasty!

But why is this happening? Why do people tend to overeat?

1. Power. If a person eats a lot of fried and fatty foods, it is wrong. Such foods slow digestion.
2. Variety. If for one meal a person eats a lot of different dishes, it always overeat. In this case, everything is added and the violation of the principles of interoperability products.
3. Water. You never need to drink water during meals or immediately after its reception.
4. The lack of vitamins. If the body lack of vitamins and minerals, then the person will try to make up for them.
5. Rush. If a person is in a hurry, it always eat more than you need.
6. Spices and seasonings. There condiments and spices, which greatly stimulate appetite. It is they who are responsible for overeating.

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