Passive smoking – harm to the health of non-smokers

On the topic of the harm of smoking for the body there is a huge number of scientific articles and discussions have been going on for a very long period of time

However, recently, unfortunately, more and more often we can meet lovers of nicotine, the saddest thing is to realize the fact that among them there are more and more young people, including girls. This is a real tragedy of modern society and it can not be left without attention. For this purpose, various seminars and lectures are held in educational institutions.

Harm to smoking for human health

Many modern teens justify their passion for cigarettes calling it “harmless indulgence.” But in fact, all this is not harmless, but rather seriously damaging to health. Contained in a cigarette harmful tar and substances cause very serious harm to your body. One smoked cigarette leads to vasospasm for 2 hours, in addition, it has a very negative effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Because of the accumulation of harmful components in the body, obtained from smoking a cigarette, the body is experiencing serious stress.

In addition to problems with the respiratory system, a person experiences dizziness due to a decrease in hemoglobin, increases blood pressure, there is rapid heart rate, and a list of other discomfortable conditions can be very long list.

And the question arises by itself, and whether such “harmless” harmful habit of all these consequences not so pleasant for your organism costs or stands. As for the beautiful half of the population who prefer to relax with a cigarette, I want to note that a momentary weakness entails no minute consequences. Girls with a cigarette in their hands not only does not look very nice from the side, but later also simply loses its fresh appearance. Nicotine harms your health, affects the condition of your skin, your hair, and of course it’s not very pleasant to be next to a person who smells like an ashtray about a verst. It is especially sad to look at all the girls, and in fact a woman is a beautiful sex that gives a continuation of life, but the health of the offspring directly depends on the health of the mother.

Passive smoking is not less harmful

Even if you are a fierce opponent of smoking, you still can not always protect yourself from passive smoking, which is even more dangerous and harmful to the body. If a person who smokes understands all the consequences of the harm of smoking on the body, then a person who does not smoke at times does not even suspect how his body suffers when he is near smokers. It would seem, what kind of risk can a person face, who just stands next to a smoking company?

And he, in fact, is much higher than the smokers themselves, because harmful substances released during smoking also penetrate into the body of the “passive smoker”, and cause him the same harm.

The only difference is that a person who smokes can determine the cause of his ailment, but the passive smoker does not immediately be able to determine it, and for a long time does not understand what causes dizziness, nausea, increased blood pressure, or attacks of dyspnea caused by a violation in respiratory or cardiovascular system. But if you do not immediately pay attention to the signals of your body, you can simply miss the time, and get the development of a disease. Especially breathing tobacco smoke is harmful for future mothers, because their body works for two and needs better conditions, especially when it comes to breathing in air. In the course of long, many years of research, scientists have come to the conclusion that the nonsmokers and the avoiding smokers of mums are born more healthy children.

And as for children who spend a lot of time in smoke-filled premises or just being close to smoking parents, their health and well-being are different from their peers who do not fall into such companies. After all, the child’s body is very vulnerable, and they are more prone to acute respiratory diseases, malaises and lower immunity. But children are our continuation. Be attentive to your health and the health of your children.