Personal Care Errors

031220163Every woman aspire to be forever young and attractive. But you need from a young age to look after themselves. Undoubtedly, a lot of women do so. Just it happens that the woman herself hurting yourself, avoiding a lot of mistakes.

So, what mistakes allow a woman to care for themselves?

1. Hair. Every woman uses a conditioner after washing hair. But not always do the right lady. Very often, many women applied conditioner through the hair, but it is wrong. Conditioner should be applied to the ends of her hair to the hair is not so quickly become greasy. When washing the hair does not get too zealous, as we not only washes away the dirt, and oils and fats, which protect the scalp.
2. Person. Now, many are advised that before you apply foundation, you need to use a moisturizer. The Council is not bad, but because of the makeup of this may lie spots.
3. Body. Many women pay much attention to the beauty of skin, completely forgetting that the neck also needs care. This is a gross violation, try it will never be allowed!

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