Phytotherapy in the Home

Every woman wants to be beautiful. This desire does not change with age. And 30 years and 70 years – a woman wants to be attractive.

Now cosmetics, trips to the spa are expensive. But this is not a reason to give up on your dreams. With the help of home beauty recipes you can make your skin healthier and more youthful.

So, what tools can help you to be always in good shape?

1. Olive oil. The oil can be used instead of cream – well moisturizes the skin. Yet it is the ideal tool for removing makeup. At the same time there will be no irritation or redness.
2. Ice. Every morning, a person should be cleaned of ice cubes. After a month of application – the skin becomes more supple and taut.
3. Aloe. To deal with acne, aloe vera juice is needed. If you have dry skin, there is no better way than this plant. It should be noted that when grown aloe requires minimum maintenance.
4. Honey. Honey – is a versatile component. It can be added in the mask, scrubs, creams, lotions. But first you need to check whether you have an allergy to this component.

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