Planning of Pregnancy

Every woman wants to start a family and give birth to his beloved. This is quite normal desire. Woman was created in order to create the comfort of home and have children. Career and work – it is the prerogative of men.

So what should you do if you are planning a pregnancy?

Immediately, we note that for such an important event in his life is best to carefully prepare. In other words, pregnancy should be planned. It is important for the three months prior to the planned start of pregnancy folic acid supplementation and give up bad habits (alcohol, smoking).

So, if you decide to become a mother, then you need to go to the gynecologist. He gives direction to all the necessary tests.

If the results of the analysis of all right, then you can safely proceed. A healthy mother – a healthy child. All quite natural.

Lovely woman, never have to rely on the case. Do not risk the health of their child. Go checkup to pregnancy passed without problems. Good luck to all moms!

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