Points and Makeup

Now more and more people who have vision problems. Computer games, television – all this has a negative effect on the eyesight. No it is not surprising that young children already go to the glasses.

It should be noted that a person can wear for the correction of the lenses, and nighttime. Points are most often. This is due to the fact that it is less costly and troublesome. The lenses need to provide quality care. Due to this, people are more likely to choose glasses for vision correction.

So, we shall understand the rules applying makeup in their sock.

1. Focus. When applying make-up is very important to focus on, or eyes, or lips. This rule is always necessary to strictly follow.
2. Frame. Spectacles try to trim the same color to suit the color of shadows that you use most often. If you wear a massive frame, then you should not use a lot of makeup, because it will look ugly.
3. Eyebrows. Always make sure the condition of the eyebrows. Besides, the line itself must be smooth.

Lovely woman, be beautiful and attractive. Beautiful make-up – is the main advantage of women.

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