Postpartum Difficulties

That flew by 9 months. Your baby was born. It seems that everything is perfect. You are my husband and I have been waiting for this event. But something is not as it should.

What difficulties she may face in the postpartum period?

1. Appearance. After birth, a woman needs to recover. But this in no time, because the child needs care. Do not worry, things will get better in a few months.
2. Discharge. After birth, a woman has observed spotting. That all went well, you need to carefully follow the hygiene. Most spend toilet genitals, and change pads.
3. Pain. In the postpartum period, the uterus needs time to shrink to normal size. In this regard, a woman may experience pain.
4. Constipation. To bowel movements were regular, you need to eat more vegetables and fruits. Most include in your diet beet.

Lovely woman, do not panic about it. A few months later the body is fully restored and well-being will improve. You should not overshadow such a great time trifles.

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