Power without Salt

Salt – one of the most popular condiments. In the preparation of any dish every woman uses salt. At the same time, all the people on earth know what to put it mildly, it is not very useful.

But how can you eat food without salt, because it is tasteless? Yes, it may not be quite tasty, but very useful.

Everybody knows how dangerous salt for hypertensive patients. It can cause increased pressure. This category of people need to forget about the salt used.

If you can not give up the salt, it should at least comply with its consumption rate. Make it not just because it is found in many foods. So, which contains a lot of salt?

It should be noted that a lot of salt is contained in the smoked products, which are sold on the shelves in the store (meat, fish). In preparing the salad is not quite sure to eat mayonnaise. Much more useful to fill the juice of a lemon or lime salad. Not less important, to monitor the amount of salt contained in the mass production of juices. Most often, it contains a lot of salt.

Finally I want to say that before something to eat, read the list of ingredients.

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