Pregnancy and Age

What woman can be called happy? Of course, the one that experienced the joy of motherhood. Only a child can make a woman the happiest on earth. This can be called the main joy in life.

However, before you begin to conceive, you need to know a lot of nuances. Especially if you have reached the age mark – 30.

So, what can be the risks of pregnancy after 30 years?

1. Down Syndrome. There is information that after 30 years the risk of Down’s syndrome baby increases several times. But the risks are greatly exaggerated. Women, even later in life can give birth to a healthy baby absolutely.
2. Survey. The older the woman, the greater the need to pass the tests. It is necessary to reveal all kinds of diseases before pregnancy. So it will be easier to cure them. It is not necessary that they will.
3. Caesarean section. A woman can not give birth naturally. It is worth noting that everything will depend on the circumstances. Even young women sometimes can not bear alone, but only by Caesarean section.

As if there was no need to believe in themselves and have a good attitude.

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